At St Jude’s, we are keen to foster a passion for learning about languages and other cultures in all our children.  All children from Reception to Year 6 receive Spanish lessons.

We introduce  our children to Spanish in Reception. In EYFS and Key Stage One we learn new vocabulary through games, songs and activities.

By introducing a foreign language to the children in the EYFS, the children develop a curiosity about languages, the world and different cultures.

As the children develop their language skills in Key Stage Two, the children engage in conversations, including asking and answering questions, and even expressing their opinions!

We develop the children’s understanding of how to construct sentences through practising verbally.

The children develop a wider range of vocabulary and use their newly acquired language skills to practise both writing and speaking in Spanish.

The children enjoy practising their language skills with one another and are engaged in learning about different Spanish-speaking cultures, songs and games.