Yearly Topic Plan

St Jude’s Church of England Primary School – Yearly Whole School Topic Plan 2020  – 2021


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Autumn One

Families and Friends

Get ready for an exciting year in Reception as we learn all about the people in our families!


Find out where your favourite foods comes from and how it gets to your kitchen!

London’s burning

Where did it start and how did it stop? What were the events and consequences of the Great Fire of London?

Roman Revolution

Studying Roman life and inventions and systems of government.

Phenomenal Pharaohs

How were the pyramids built – let’s find out in this look at Ancient Egypt!

The Groovy Greeks!

Researching the life and times of the Ancient Greeks; their beliefs and what they are famous for

Hard Times

Children should be seen and not heard! How hard were the Victorians?

Autumn Two


Investigating night-time animals and things that go bump in the night!

The magic toymaker

Spring into the magical world of toys, past, present and future.

The Circus is coming to town

Roll up! Roll up! Come and learn about the history of the circus!

Living in London

A historical enquiry into key events and changes in London over time.

Hold back the River

Exploring the role of the Thames in England’s past

One small step…

Get your spacesuits ready as we explore the Solar System and the importance of the first moon landing.

Extreme Earth

Take a look at the disastrous effects of mother nature!

Spring One

Mission Impossible

Blast off into space to get ready to take one giant leap on the moon…


Grab your trowel and magnifying glass and explore the terrifying world of the dinosaurs.

Discovering the Polar Regions

Investigating the distant, frozen wilderness


Watch out! The Anglo Saxons are coming….

Surviving the Stone age

Zooming back in time to find out how the people of the Stone Age lived.

The Caribbean

Find out about the geography of the Caribbean and compare it to the UK.

Ancient Africa

Time travelling back to the Kingdom of Benin – what will we find?

Spring Two

Under the Sea

Grab your goggles and dive into learning all about life under the sea.

Ahoy there!

Jump on board as we sail into treacherous waters and learn about the terrors of the Seven Seas.


Investigate and research the great explorers of our time, starting with Shackleton’s polar exploration.

Location, Location Location

We will investigate the differences between the town and countryside.

Vicious Vikings

Investigating how the Vikings ravaged England

The Terrible Tudors

What happened in Tudor times for the monarchy to have such a terrible reputation?

War Child

Exploring the lives of children in war zones – past and present

Summer One

Once upon a Time…

An exploration of traditional and alternative fairy tales.

Maps Mastery

Have you ever wondered how to get around Brockwell Park? This topic will make it seem easy…

Seaside Surprise

Punch and Judy anyone? A look into how the Victorians liked to holiday.

The Amazing Amazon

Watch our classroom be transformed into a rainforest as explore life in the Amazon.


Your mouth will water as we delve into where chocolate comes from!

Keep calm and carry on

Brixton in the Blitz – how were we affected in the Second World War?

From Morse to Mobiles

Can you imagine a world without mobile phones and iPad? Let’s find out how technology has evolved…

Summer Two

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