Meet The Staff

Our Leadership Team

Declan Dunford – Crozier


Claire Douch

Deputy Headteacher

Our Class Teachers

Megan Valuks

Reception Class

Jonathan Ellis

Year 1

Madeleine Appleby

Year 2

Alex Cutts

Year 3

Alison Kye-Baffour

Y3 Teach First student teacher

Miss Neelum Khan

Year 4

Jess Potts

Year 5

Kesta Mcleish

Year 6

Support Teachers

Anthony Campbell

Steel Pans

Teaching Assistants

Sophie Haydon

TA – Reception Class

Talvir Hunjan

TA – Reception Class

Miss Langley

TA – Year 1

Marsha Duke

TA – Year 2

Siobhan Heron

HLTA – Year 3

Patrice Francis

TA – Year 4

Miss Norbal

TA – Year 4 & 5

Mr Wilkie

TA – Year 6

Admin Staff

Kelly Jackson

School Business Manager

Ms McGibbon

Administrative Assistant

Premises Staff

Larry Gunessee

Premises Officer

Andrew Johnson

Premises Staff

Meryem Tahir

Premises Staff

Evette Johnson

Premises Staff & Midday Meal Supervisor

Pilar Odiaga Roca

Midday Meal Supervisor

Our Designated Leaders in Child Protection are:

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our children.
If you are concerned in anyway about the welfare of a child please speak with one of the designated Child
Protection Leaders, a senior team leader or a member of staff.
Thank you for supporting us in keeping our children safe.

Claire Douch

Acting Headteacher

Asia Scott


Kelly Jackson

School Business Manager

Click the link below to see a breakdown of the school’s staff structure.

Teaching Staff and Support Staff structure updated July 2020 updated 1.9.20