Meet The Staff

Our Senior Leadership Team

Andrew Rojas

Partnership Headteacher

Claire Reid (née Douch)

Head of School

Andrea Fender


Madeleine Appleby

Acting Assistant Headteacher

Our Class Teachers

Madeleine Appleby

Reception – Acting Assistant Headteacher

Lucia Otin

Year 1

Neelum Khan

Year 2

Patricia Powell-Farquharson

Year 3

Megan Valuks

Year 4/5

Alison Kye-Baffour

Year 5/6

Support Teachers

Alex Cutts

PPA and Cover teacher

Anthony Campbell

Steel Pans

Teaching Assistants

Marsha Duke

TA – Reception Class

Janet Gordon

TA – Reception Class

Laia Llorens

TA – Reception Class

Talvir Hunjan

TA – Year 1

Angella Cafun

TA – Year 1

Joan Norbal

TA – Year 2

Alexandra Pratt

TA – Year 2

Diane Williams

TA – Year 3

Patrice Francis

TA – Year 4/5

Sophie Haydon

TA – Year 5/6

Admin Staff

Kelly Jackson

School Business Manager

Lettice Martin

Administrative Assistant

Premises Staff

Larry Gunessee

Premises Officer

Andrew Johnson

Premises Staff

Stacey Gunessee

Premises Staff and Midday Meal Supervisor

Evette Johnson

Premises Staff & Midday Meal Supervisor

Our Designated Leaders in Child Protection are:

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our children.
If you are concerned in anyway about the welfare of a child please speak with one of the designated Child
Protection Leaders, a senior team leader or a member of staff.
Thank you for supporting us in keeping our children safe.

Claire Reid (née Douch)

Head of School – DSL

Andrea Fender


Neelum Khan

Year 2 – Deputy DSL

Kelly Jackson

School Business Manager – Deputy DSL