School Policies

Please click on the links below to download and view our school policies in PDF format.

Accessibility Policy March 2021

Admissions Policy for admissions 2024-2025

Admissions Policy for admissions 2025-2026

Supplementary Information Form for admissions 2024 – 2025

Supplementary Information Form for admissions 2025 – 2026

Anti Bullying 2024

Assessment Policy January 2023

Attendance Policy September 2022

Behaviour Policy October 2023

Behaviour Statement of Principles October 2023

Charging and Remission Policy March 2021

Collective Worship Policy

Complaints Procedure July 2022

Managing Serial and Unreasonable Complaints June 2021

Data Protection Policy Dec 2022

Data Breach Policy and Response Procedure Dec 2022

Data Subject Rights Application Form

Early Career Teacher Policy October 2023

Educational Visits Policy May 2023

Equality Information and Objectives Policy 2022

EYFS Policy May 2023

Feedback Policy Sept 2022

Health and Safety Policy March 2024

Family school agreement May 2023

Inclusion and SEND Policy May 2023

Internal Data Security Policy

Personal, Intimate and Self Care Policy (inclusive of EYFS) May 2023

Online Safety Policy October 2023

Privacy Notice – Pupils

Privacy Notice – Employees, Workers, Contrators and Volunteers

Privacy Notice – Job_Applicants

Pupil Acceptable Use Policy Agreement EYFS and KS1 2023

Pupil Acceptable Use Policy Agreement KS2 2023

Pupil Acceptable Use Policy Agreement Staff, Governors, Volunteers and Visitors 2023

Pupil Premium Policy January 2023

Religious Education Policy February 2018

Relationships and Sex Education Policy February 2024

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2023-24

Serial and Vexatious Complaints Procedure July 2022

Staff and Governor Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement September 2019

Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions May 2023

Teaching and Learning Policy May 2023

Uniform Policy Dec 2022

Volunteer and visitors agreement 2019-2020

Whistleblowing Policy October 2019

Whistleblowing for Lambeth

Whistleblowing Advice Line