At St Jude’s we have a passion for high quality teaching and learning of English.

We believe that every child can succeed in reading and writing, and we aim to instill this belief in the children themselves.

It is our intention that learning is relevant to our children through our commitment to a diverse English curriculum.

All our writing lessons are driven through the immersion in a high quality text; children are given ample time to explore texts before then using this to teach and develop their writing skills.

By giving the children a clear context and purpose for writing, our children are engaged, motivated and can discuss their writing confidently.

As school we also value the importance of oracy and communication and language for supporting a child’s writing development.

Teaching through a text, our children have plenty of opportunity to discuss, debate, role play, and ultimately orally rehearse their writing before putting pencil to paper.

For more information on how our English Writing Curriculum is planned and taught across the year groups, please click on the following links: