School Development Plan Priorities 2023 – 2026

The School Development Plan is our path to success and the achievement of our school vision for St. Jude’s children and their families. It is our ambition to provide an exceptional space of learning within our community that will raise aspirations and enable all learners to fulfil their potential.

The areas we are working to improve are chosen based on evidence from self-evaluation. This means that our self-evaluation ties directly into our plans for improvement.

Governors monitor the School Development Plan each term via the Headteacher’s report, visits to the school and meetings with school leaders.

Whole School Priorities:

1. Curriculum, pedagogy and effective use of additional support are used to raise attainment and progress for identified groups of children

2. Effective class teaching and interventions target Communication and Language needs to raise attainment and address gaps in all learners

3. Strengthen and develop the knowledge and expertise of all staff, in order to recognise and remove/mitigate barriers to learning caused by Social Emotional Mental Health needs in all learners

4. The curriculum is coherently planned across all subjects and clearly identifies key knowledge and vocabulary to be secured and embedded at each stage (from Reception to Year 6)

5. The early years curriculum lays the firm foundations for future learning. Knowledge, skills and vocabulary are planned to build sequentially across the reception year with links to future learning in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

6. Collective Worship is explicitly Anglican and reflects the Christian distinctiveness and values of the school, whilst also celebrating the special diversity within the school community

7. The school’s declared mission is rooted in Christian and biblical justification