Reopening Plans for September 2020

Dear parents and carers,

Firstly, thank you for all your support and patience during this time of partial closure and further opening. It has beenwonderful to see you and the children, if only for a few days before we break up for the summer.

The government has now released new guidance on reopening for September. I wanted to share as much informationwith you as possible so that you are up to date with our plans before the holidays. You will be aware that the situation with COVID 19 is ever changing and as I write this – I must emphasise that by September things could have evolved!

Firstly, St Jude’s will be following Lambeth’s vision for reopening, which is summarised below:

  •  We are supportive of all children going back to school in September.
  • The wellbeing of staff and pupils will be at the heart of our work.
  • We will provide a broad and balanced curriculum that will enable children to catch up by summer term 2021,focussing on the core knowledge and skills.
  • We will continue to work together with our school communities (including children, parents, staff, the localauthority and unions) to minimise risk of infection through following national guidance informed by localprotocols.
  •  The school will continue to develop risk assessments, sharing with staff, the local authority and unions.
  •  We will actively engage with the Lambeth Schools Partnership’s work on Trauma Informed Practice so thatchildren are given optimum support to achieve.

A general overview of how school will be in September

All children will be returning to school in September and they will return in their whole class bubble. Children will be required to sit in rows facing the front, and at a distance, where possible. 

The guidance has acknowledged that social distancing between children is challenging. 

All staff, visitors and parents will be expected to continue with the 2-metresocial distancing rule. 

Children will be expected to remain in their class bubble as much as possible.

Schools are expected to continue with the staggered starts and drop offs, so we are sharing the plan for this with you.We will continue to use both entrances at Herne Place and Regent Road. These have worked well, thank you to all for supporting with such seamless drop offs and pickups this term.

The principles of good hygiene will continue, including regular hand washing and following the “Catch it, bin it, kill it” message. We will continue to be well stocked with sanitisers and disinfectant to regularly clean surfaces in all rooms.

The cleaning team will remain on split shifts to clean the toilets twice a day, as well as clean all classrooms during the evening shift.

There is a lot more detail to share, so I have compiled the following frequently asked questions document that I hope you will find useful. If you have further questions, the admin email will be checked up until Wednesday 22nd July. 

If there are further updates – I will send these out to you on the week beginning 24th August.


Miss New


Click here to read the Reopening Plans & Risk Assessment from the Lambeth Schools Partnership    ​