Information for parents and frequently asked questions

Tips for your child returning to school:

Although families may have made the decision to return to school on June 1st, parents and children might have some worries. In order to support your child’s return and create a smooth transition back to school, the following might be useful.

You can prepare your child for school by:

  • Starting a conversation about how they feel about returning to school
  • Explaining to them that some parts of school will be different such as classroom, drop off/pick up time and class size
  • Share things at school which will stay the same
  • Discuss positive experiences they are looking forward to at school as well as giving them a space to voice any worries
  • Your child might want to make a picture or write a poem about how they feel about returning to school
  • Focus on the positive reasons for re-starting school, you could make a list of these together
  • Ensure your child goes to bed on time and wake them up at the time they usually get up for school to get them back in their routine
  • The night before school starts you could do a calming activity with your child such as have some one-to-one special time, do some paired reading or some mindful breathing. Calm Zone has lots of ideas
  • If adults are worried about the return to school, try to manage these feelings so not to pass them on to your child
  • There will be some children that do not return to school (they may live with a vulnerable family member or be self-isolating). We must respect others decisions and make the best decision for ourselves.


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