At St Jude’s our children follow the New Primary Science Curriculum. Lessons are carefully planned to link with our topics, where possible, with an emphasis on observation, discussion, experimentation, prediction and recording.  Science lessons excite and stimulate the curiosity of the children, through being presented with real life problems and scientific dilemmas. Practical investigations and experiments are planned to link in with the topic so that the children have plenty of hands on practical experiences.

In Reception Class the children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum and learn about science through Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

Science is all about gaining an understanding of the physical and natural world around us, and we aim for our children to develop a curious awareness to their surroundings through our science curriculum.

Our annual science week is an opportunity to explore important topical issues, for example climate change and pollution levels in the local area. Children have monitored levels of pollution in the area and have led a ‘clean air aware’ campaign as part of our ‘Walk to School Week.’

As well as working within the classroom, science lessons provide a great opportunity to explore the local environment and explore outdoors.  Every year classes attend workshops at Brockwell Gardens to take part in exciting mini beast exploration and planting sessions. The school grounds are also used as to enhance our science teaching with our outdoor area being used regularly for mini beast hunts. Every class has responsibility for growing and planting in their raised beds.  We also house and take care of three hens that are looked after by parents and children. We welcomed our hens by hosting a whole school hug a hen day!

As part of our own going collaboration with The Windmill Cluster, children at St Jude’s attend an exciting Science Explosion Event at Richard Atkins Primary School – where children share their experiments and investigations with pupils in other schools.  We have also hosted forensic science events where children must solve a crime after being presented with evidence in our Creative Learning Hub!