Dance & Drama

Dance and drama activities are predominantly covered through our PE provision, where children will follow a dance unit 2 – 3 times a year. Where possible, these link to the whole class topics.

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Drama is also incorporated into our literacy lessons, where drama activities are used to support the children’s understanding of characters and settings. These drama activities will often be part of our planned preparation before a piece of writing. For example, children in reception will act out their favourite superhero stories before writing about them, and year 4 children will be found acting out the stories about Pharaohs as part of the topic – “There’s a Pharaoh in our bath topic!”

Our termly class assemblies are an opportunity for children to share their work, as well as perform role plays, dance and sing. Our annual year 6 end of year performance is always a spectacular and impressive celebration. This year the children performed their own version of Marry Poppins.

During the summer term, as part of our collaborative work with the Windmill Cluster, children have the opportunity to perform poetry to their class and to other schools as part of our successful poetry slam competition.

Through our close links with St Martin – in – the Fields School for Girls we have successfully utilised the expertise of drama specialists, who lead workshops for primary pupils. These have included a half term Shakespeare unit for year 6, theatrical special effects and lighting design.