Place Value and Bar Modelling Workshop – Monday 19th June

Dear Parents and Carers,

St Jude’s held a Maths Parents Workshop on Monday 19th June aimed at introducing and sharing a range of strategies to support our children and families at home. Our teachers took parents on a ‘place value journey’ from 1:1 correspondence in Reception right through to Ratio and Proportion in Year 6.

We introduced a highly effective visual model called the ‘Singapore Bar’ which enables our children from Year 2 upwards to solve word problems, find percentages and calculate ratio (to name but a few!)

100% of our parents that attended the workshop found it to be enjoyable and useful, and all agreed that the methods and strategies introduced during the workshop would enable them to better support their children at home.

Please follow the links below to see the workshop presentation, challenges set by our teachers for parents to tackle, and a list of resources that can be bought to further support your children at home.

Kind regards,

Mr Winn



Invitation Letter for Parents

Parent Workshop Presentation

Resources to support your child at home

Teacher Presentation and Challenges