Health and Fitness Week 25th – 29th June

Our annual Health & Fitness Week begins on Monday the 25th of June. The children will be taking part in a variety of sporting activities and healthy cooking lessons, as well as meeting a GB Athlete. They will need to wear their school PE kit all week instead of their usual uniform. Each day will start off at 8.40am with a short ‘Wake and Shake Session’ (different activity each morning) in the hall for children, staff and parents/carers (except for Wednesday).

We are having our school sports day on Wednesday 27th June at Ruskin Park from 9.30am to 12.30pm. It will be the same format as last year but there will be different activities on the carousel. Children from Reception to Year 2 will take part in 5 events (hurdles, dress up relay, rubber ring balance relay, bean bag throw, standing long jump). KS2 will take part in 6 events (javelin throw, hockey dribble relay, tunnel ball, running jumps, ladder relay, skipping relay). All the events will be taking place at the same time. There will also be sprint races (Reception – Year 6, parents and staff) and baton relay race (Year 3 – 6) after the carousel events. All support is welcomed. Bring the family!

The area the children will be using will be coned off. We would like all the parents/carers/spectators to watch from outside of the coned area. This is to ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely.

There will be NO HOT SCHOOL DINNERS on this day and your child will need to be provided with a healthy packed lunch – please no crisps, sweets, chocolate or fizzy drinks. They will also need an extra bottle of water.

If your child is in Reception, Year 1, Year 2 or you are entitled to free school meals (in Key Stage 2) and you would like us to provide your child with a school packed lunch, please return the slip by Monday.

Click here for the St Jude’s Sports Day Letter 2018