Phonics Screening Check – Thursday 15th June 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you will know, our Year One children will be undertaking a Phonics Screening Check on Thursday 15th June. We held an information session for parents on 25th May and shared the following key points:

  • This check is light touch and not stressful for our children
  • It is designed to help us check our children’s ability to decode and read unfamiliar words accurately
  • The children have been learning this approach since they began in Reception and are well prepared
  • The results of the Check will be shared with parents in the end of year reports in July
  • The threshold (pass mark) is not given to us until after the Check has been carried out. It has been 32 out of 40 since the Check began in 2012
  • If a child does not meet the threshold we will support them throughout Year 2 in readiness for their re-take in June 2018

You will find all the documents from our information session here (please attach the attached files from this e-mail)
Please click the following links for useful websites and activities to support your child further at home:

Government guidance, materials and training video:

Phonics Play (great website we use regularly at St Jude’s):

Download the Parents letter here:   Year 1 Letter – Phonics Screening Check and Workshop

Read the Parent Presentation PDF here:  Parent Presentation

Read the Guide For Parents PDF here:  A Guide For Parents