Multi-Faith Week 19th – 23rd February 2018

What a fantastic week we have had, where the children have had the opportunity to explore, discuss and visit different places of worship.

Throughout the week different classes went and visited a place of worship, which included a Mosque, Church and a Buddhist Temple. We have also had different members of staff sharing where they worship and discussing their beliefs with the children.

The week ended with our Religious Food Festival. Each class did some cooking and work around a religion. This culminated in our Food Festival at the end of the day, where the children were able to share with their parents all the food and work they had created.

“It was great, we ate lots of yummy food like hot cross buns and Jewish honey cake.” Jimmy (Year 6)

I had a fun day because we did lots of activities like making mandalas.” Renae (Year 6)

Easter Celebration 26th March 2018 9.30am – 10.00am

This year we will be having our Easter celebration in St Matthews Church, near Brixton. This will be an amazing opportunity for us at St Jude’s to celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection, in our local church.

The service will be run by our Faith Group, along with Reverend Stephen.

Unfortunately, due to limited space in the church, we will not have room for everyone. As a result, only those parents who are helping to walk the children over to the church, will be able to stay for the service.

Please do let your class teacher know if you are able to help.