Digital Leaders

Our Digital Leaders are central to Computing and Online Safety provision at St Jude’s. We are skilled, confident technological learners who are able to support children and staff alike, in a range of ways.

We work towards official accreditation as ‘Childnet Digital Leaders’ on an annual basis, ensuring that we receive up-to-date training and knowledge which we can then share with our peers.

We meet every fortnight to complete our training modules, discuss issues around online safety and maintain the school’s hardware, including Dell laptops and Apple iPads.

Digital Leaders remain in the role for 5 years, if we are successfully appointed in Year 2. The group benefit from an amazing trip to Tate Modern each year to take part in ‘TATE Exchange’, an event organised by London CLC which gives us the opportunity to explore and experiment with the latest technology.

Our priorities for this year are to maintain the very high profile of online safety at St Jude’s, lead and support the school as we begin our journey using G Suite for Education, and plan and organise Safer Internet Day in February 2020 – as well as focusing on their every day job of supporting and modelling exceptional Computing practice!