Curriculum Steering Group

At St. Jude’s we have developed our Curriculum Steering Group, two children from Years 1 to 6 have been elected to help make key changes in the school.

We will work together to review and adjust our curriculum – sharing what we enjoy and what we would like more of! We talk about our lessons and think about how we hope to make St. Jude’s an even better place to be!

This year we are focusing on science, we are choosing what we would like to see more of in our science lessons and will take part in interviews and observations to share our ideas.

Last year the children worked hard to make great changes at our school such as perfecting time, an extra chance in the week to make sure we have completed work to the best of our ability, and the introduction of our knowledge organisers.

We look forward to seeing the new changes created this year by our wonderful Curriculum Steering Group!