Black History Month – Family Learning Challenge – Autumn 2017

Myths, Legends and Folklore

This term’s family learning project is planned to tie in with Black History Month and the work that has been done in English lessons. It will allow children to explore African and Caribbean folklore.

Children are invited to be creative and to interpret this theme as they wish. We have given a few examples but we are looking for original ideas too!

To celebrate the children’s efforts and achievements, class teachers will choose a project that really stands out.

The winning project will win a special prize.


Can you write your own story based on one you have read?
Can you write a book review of a story you have read?
Can you write a character description of a character in a myth?


Where do the stories come from? Can you find out about their origin and the people who first told these stories?
Can you find out about the countries that these stories come from?


Can you create a theme for a story or a character within a story?
Can you put a story to music?


Can you create a character through sculpture, painting, collage or another artistic method?


Create a comic strip at or create a film based on the story you have chosen.

Religious Education

Jesus used parables to teach people how to live like a Christian. Can you find any that have a similar lesson to a myth or legend you have read?

Design Technology

Can you make masks so your chosen story can be acted out?
Can you create a set design for your story to be performed in front of?

All projects should be returned by Wednesday 15th November to be displayed at Parents’ Evenings (20th & 21st November)