Gardening Club

A group of parents organised and ran 8 sessions with a group of children from class 1 and 2.
Session 1 Planting vegetable seedlings, sprouting beans in a jar
Session 2 Making bird cakes to hang in the garden
Session 3 Collecting leaves and flowers to make laminated displays
Session 4 Planting pizza herbs to sell at summer fair
Session 5 Bug fun!
Session 6 Making a Tussie Mussie
Session 7 Preparing garden for summer fair, planting flowers
Session 8 Picnic, games and stories


Family and Friends nature garden Club

Parents, friends and children meet on the first Friday of the month, after school in the Nature Garden.
Gardening with your children and friends not only provides the benefit of exercise, exploration and fresh food, it also fosters communication, builds strong relationships, and offers an opportunity to work towards a common goal.

We have been tidying, pruning cutting back hedges and are planning to plant lots of spring bulbs at our next session.
Watch this space.