Consultation on New Uniform and Logo

Tuesday 28th February 2017
Dear parents and carers,

We are entering a hugely exciting time at St Jude’s. After the launch of our new school vision this year, it is the perfect time to redesign our logo as well as review our school uniform.

You will all be aware of the activities this term that the children have been involved in as part of the design of a new logo, this has included the Family Learning Project and the exhibition where logos can be voted for.  On Friday 3rd March we are offering another opportunity for parents to view and vote for their favourite logo designs.  The hall will be open from 3.40pm – 6.00pm for parents, carers and governors to register your votes.

The winning logo design will be announced on Friday 10th March during our Celebration Assembly.

The School Council have consulted with children regarding their views about uniform, and a questionnaire was circulated to all classes last week.  Governing Board Members of our Pupil, Achievement and Curriculum Committee have kindly agreed to design a questionnaire for parents and carers seeking your views on our school uniform, this will be circulated to all families during the week of the 13th March.  We look forward to hearing your views.  The Southwark Diocesan Board of Education provides School Uniform Guidance for Anglican Schools, which includes important information that we will be using to guide us in this process.  The guidelines are on our school website for you to view in the policies section.

We will gather all views by the end of this term, and be ready to approach local uniform suppliers in the Summer Term.  They will also share their ideas with our school community in May.  We will launch the new school uniform with new logo in September 2017, when the new uniform will be available for purchase.

Please note that there will be a year of transition from the old uniform to the new uniform to allow for children to grow out of their current uniform.  Children will therefore not be expected to wear the new uniform until September 2018.

We would also love to include our parents who are graphic designers. During the week of 20th March we will invite parents who are graphic designers to share a presentation with our Digital Leaders and School Council members on the process of designing a logo.  Our school leaders will choose their favourite designer to support us throughout the launch of designing the new logo onto our new uniform.  School Council members will send a letter inviting parents to participate in this, we are looking forward to hearing your expert advice!

Please see the reverse side of this sheet which summarises the exciting activities that we are planning, to consult with our school community throughout this term and the summer.

I hope this is useful. If you have any questions, do come and see me,


Miss New