School Development Plan Priorities 2020 – 2021

Priority 1:

The broad and balanced curriculum ensures all children make excellent progress so that they catch up by Summer 2021.

Our aim is that:

  • The recovery curriculum suports increased progress in reading, writing and maths
  • Year 2 children are prepared for the phonics check in the autumn term
  • Year 4 children are prepared for the times table check in the summer term
  • Key Stage 1 and 2 children are well prepared for the statutory tests in the summer term
  • The curriculum is reviewed to ensure that we continue to celebrate diversity and key Black figures
  • We are prepared for the launch of the new 2021 EYFS curriculum
  • We carefully implement transition from Reception to year 1 in Autumn 1 to support children when returning to school
  • The Relationships Sex Education curriculum is launched in spring 2021
  • The Jigsaw PHSE programme is fully launched and utilised to support the health and wellbeing and RSE curriculum
  • Google Classroom is launched in all classes – in preparation for further lockdown or a class bubble needing to isolate
  • Leadership groups launch in the spring term, with the addition of the mental health and wellbeing ambassadors.

Priority 2:

All SEND, vulnerable and pupil premium children are well supported and achieve well.

Children at St Jude’s continue to behave exceptionally well, and live out our Christian Values.

Our focus is to ensure that:

All groups are well supported on their return to school through:

  • the recovery curriculum
  • trauma informed schools support
  • PHSE / mental health and wellbeing curriculum

For parents to be fully involved in supporting children to close the gap, through workshops and inclusion coffee mornings.

Priority 3:

All staff are well prepared for the return to school – through training and in school support.

Our focus is to ensure that:

  • All staff complete 3 webinar sessions of trauma informed schools training
  • All staff are confident about the guidance set out by the government regarding September reopening
  • All staff are aware of the changes in KCSIE safeguarding updates
  • Middle leaders are confident in the delivery of their subject ( vision, journey, Intent, implementation, impact)
  • There are opportunities for sharing best practice across schools, and within school
  • Support staff lead on an area of expertise / interest linked to the children that they support
  • Senior leaders are well informed regarding the recovery/catch up curriculum in their areas and share with staff
  • Networking with leaders continues through the Windmill Cluster
  • The Church School NQT programme continues to support new teachers across our network of schools.

Priority 4:

To promote and develop positive mental health and wellbeing for staff and pupils across the school.

Our focus is to ensure that:

Staff wellbeing will be promoted and supported through:

  • Role of mental health and wellbeing leaders/ambassadors  Trauma informed schools training
  • Signposting to relevant charities/support groups

Pupil wellbeing will be promoted and supported through:

  • Staff being emotionally available
  • Trauma informed schools training
  • Election of wellbeing ambassadors – led by our Mental Health and Wellbeing Leader
  • Children continue to be encouraged and actively engaged in physical activity (supported by the Sports Grant) Children participate in weekly PE lessons. A PE coach supports active play and a variety of sports during lunchtimes.
  • Staff and pupil wellbeing policy will reflect the relevant COVID 19 support that is required.
    Staff risk assessments are completed and revisited in light of new guidelines
  • Our pupil, staff and family wellbeing policies are reviewed in light of COVID 19 and new guidelines.
  • All staff are well informed and supported through attending the January WC INSET that focusses on developing health and wellbeing.