School Development Plan Priorities 2019 – 2020


Priority 1: The Quality of Education

Our broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum continues to deliver an exceptional standard of education for our children.

Our aim is that:

  • Our curriculum is coherently planned over time and across the school
  • Pupils will acquire cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills over time and across the school
  • All subject leaders develop subject stories that reflect clear intent, implementation and impact of their subject
  • Pupil work continues to be of a high standard and demonstrates clear progression
  • Standards remain high in English, writing and maths and remain at least above the national and Lambeth averages
  • Pupils with SEND achieve highly through exceptional support and an engaging and relevant curriculum
  • Disadvantaged pupils achieve highly through exceptional support and an engaging and relevant curriculum.


Priority 2: Behaviour and Attitudes

Children at St Jude’s continue to behave exceptionally well, and live out our Christian Values.

Our aim is that:

  • High expectations for all are maintained consistently through a positive approach
  • Pupils demonstrate high commitment to their learning
  • Pupils continue to make an exceptional contribution to the life of the school and wider community
  • Pupils continue to feel safe because of respectful, positive and supportive relationships.


Priority 3: Personal Development

St Jude’s has a holistic approach to the personal development and wellbeing of our children..

Our aim is that:

  • Pupils understand the importance of good physical and mental health
  • St Jude’s continues to provide a rich range of experiences for all children including extracurricular activities, educational visits and Windmill Cluster enrichment activities
  • We continue to develop pupil character through continued promotion of and respect for school, Christian and British Values.


Priority 4: Leadership

Our aim is that:

  • Leaders have continued exceptional expectations for high quality education
  • The training and support for all leaders remains a continued priority, with a focus on subject knowledge and appropriate assessment
  • Staff training always links to priorities and the CPD needs of all staff
  • Leaders continue to engage proactively with the wider community including parents and places of worship
  • Leaders are mindful of staff workload and ensure staff are well supported
  • Governance is exceptional
  • All aspects of safeguarding are robust.