Our Christian Vision


our children
our St Jude’s Family
happy – inspired – loved
the sky is not the limit
ready for today – prepared for tomorrow


Travelling together, following a path and forging our own
We don’t need a map – we’ll all work together to get there
The destination isn’t a place it’s a person
It doesn’t matter where you start from, we’ll journey together as a family.

Some people say you can’t choose your family
I’m not sure
Here at St Jude’s we are a family
We’re there for each other – for the ups and downs
When we succeed we celebrate together
When we fall, we pick each other up because we want the best for one another.

No family is exactly the same and that’s true of ours
It makes us much more interesting
Although we have differences, our faith unites us.


Our vision for the creative curriculum

Hey! I’m Eli and I go to St Jude’s Primary School.

I believe the sky is not the limit!

Today I was Miss New’s ‘Worker of the Week’ because I am doing so well and my teacher says I’ve gone really far since the beginning of the year.  I was even voted to be school council representative for my class, so now I can help make good changes in the school.

All our lessons are based around us, like planets around the sun.  Because I enjoy them, I put lots of effort in!  It was so much fun to act out King Kong and I was even hot-seated!

I love maths and I’m good at it because I enjoy it.  I like the fun starters because then you begin the lesson on a high!  I also really love making raps to help me remember new things.   Competitions are great too, because they make me enthusiastic and I want to do well: we all get excited!

Lessons are awesome because they’re not super hard but not too easy either.  I like to challenge myself and I’m not scared to get it wrong.  I throw myself into it and see how it goes!  I’m In charge of my learning.

My teachers all have good skills and I really admire them.  They’re dedicated and want us to do well.  They really understand us; they want all of us to do the best we can.  If my teacher says I can go far, I will go far!  I know that I’m ready for next year.
When I’m learning, I feel like a super hero.  I feel powerful and if I’m told I can do stuff, I just want to do it.

Our vision for our children

Walk into St. Jude’s and meet Noah, a friendly and bubbly blond-haired boy.  He loves a challenge and will take it on even if it is ‘a bit tricky’, like the time when we were adding 2 digit numbers in Maths.  He kept going until he got it!

Then there’s Anna, – she only went and recited a poem in front of the whole school, dressed as a crocodile!  Did we mention that she’s in Reception?!

If you’re lost, hopefully Isaac and Theo will be around.  They are so kind and helpful that you’ll be glad that you lost your way.

Keep your eyes peeled for all the wonderful creations on display around the school.  Wait until you see Katarina’s Harry Potter-esque collection of potions that she brought in from home.  I wouldn’t recommend that you drink any though!

Watch your back – we have some monsters on site, the Delightful Dojo Monsters.  Don’t worry they won’t bite!  Everyone wants them to visit their class so they try really hard to follow our Christian Values and win the most Dojo Points.  FYI Class 3 & 4 have a bitter rivalry – almost as bad a Slytherin vs. Gryffindor.  I won’t say who’s who!

Sport isn’t just for PE – ask Ms Pilar and Leo about their dancing skills during salsa club.  Mr Winn and Mr Cutts will happily bend your ear about the football and cricket teams.  I hope you don’t need to be anywhere soon.

George is one of our resident techies – AKA the Digital Leaders.  They are around to help you with all your ICT needs – even if you’re a grown up!  They’re also really up on their e-safety so if you’re not sure about something, they’re your guys.

You’ve only met a handful of our children but I bet you’d recognise a St. Jude’s child anywhere:-
They might be resilient like Noah and never give up.

Or confident like Anna and stand up in front of 200 people dressed as a crocodile.

Or kind like Theo and Isaac, and will help you out whatever situation you’re in.

Whoever it is you can be sure they are living out our Christian values everywhere they go.

Our vision for our staff

Our staff deliver excellent education with energy and a positive attitude.  When you walk around out school you will find:-

  • Creative and exciting learning in Reception where children are free and learning responsibly for themselves and those around them.  Water splashes, paint swirls and letters are formed.
  • A buzz and positivity in KS1 created by excellent teaching, our children will welcome you with a smile. And the sound of laughter and concentration can be heard in equal measure.
  • A purposeful and engaging KS2 curriculum where children succeed through broad and balanced learning. From exploring how to measure distance using a javelin, learning about Fibonacci in the nature garden and scanning QR code’s to research healthy eating, learning is exciting to deliver and exciting to receive.

Staff at St. Jude’s are given everything they need to be the best they can.  We have pride and energy because our workload is manageable and intelligently managed.  We support each other, celebrate our achievements and feel valued.

Our strong leadership team ensure our staff are valued and equipped to do a brilliant job.  We encourage honest, reflective communication to keep us improving.

Every morning our staff arrive with a smile knowing that an exciting and rewarding day awaits.