Parent Questionnaire Feedback

St Jude’s Church of England Primary School
Parent Questionnaire June 2015 and June 2016 – comparison of results and actions from parent feedback

Thank you for visiting this page in our website. This chart shows the comparison in results from 2015 to 2016.

The areas that have exceeded by 20% or more from 2015 – 2016 are in green text.

Further information is highlighted in green, this will explain how the school has responded to parent feedback and provide a context for the results.



Agree Disagree Strongly


Don’t know
1.  I feel welcome when I come into school. 2015 50% 44% 4% 2% 0
2016 70% 24% 4% 2% 0
2.  My child enjoys school. 2015 44% 53% 2% 0 0
2016 67% 31% 0 0 2%
3.  The school keeps my child safe and secure.

A 24% increase here, the new security systems in place including new intercom systems, gates and fob system may have contributed to an increase.  Staff discuss the importance of making safe choices with the children consistently throughout the school.  The NSPCC speak out stay safe campaign, Anti Bullying Week and E Safety Week have remained high profile this year.

2015 37% 50% 0 2% 11%
2016 61% 37% 2% 0 0


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Don’t know
4.  My child is making enough progress.

Progress and assessment was a focus last year – and a change over from an old to new assessment system meant that parents were becoming familiar with a new system – without levels.

Communication regarding the new assessment systems, and target tracker documents has paid off, but this is clearly work in progress.

During the year 2016 – 2017 parents have been provided with the Target Tracker progress documents and mile stone sheets at each parent evening, so this new system has had time to ‘bed in’, we hope to see an increase in this area as a result.

2015 42% 42% 9% 2% 5%
2016 48% 46% 2% 2% 2%
5.  There are high expectations for my child to work hard and do their best. 2015 51% 43% 0 2% 4%
2016 61% 35% 2% 2% 0


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Don’t know
6.  The school keeps me well informed about my child’s progress.

A priority for us last year due to the new assessment  system and new curriculum, this will continue to be a focus for us as our parents evening evolve and target tracker documents become more familiar to parents.

2015 30% 49% 20% 0 1%
2016 39% 56% 2% 2% 1%
7.  The school provides appropriate homework.

A focus for us last year, this low result inspired change for us, with Mr. Winn revamping and creating a new system.  The separate homework questionnaires share positive results – although this is an area where it is difficult to please all.

Termly Family Learning Projects are well received – giving plenty of preparation time is appreciated by parents. Projects are of a high standard and the exhibitions held are a true celebration of the creative talents of our families.

2015 23% 50% 27% 0 0
2016 31% 61% 6% 2% 0
8.  The school deals with any cases of bullying effectively (bullying includes name-calling, cyber, racist and homophobic).

Many parents don’t know – so we have ensured that we run a high profile E Safety Week and Anti Bullying Week.  Parents have been invited to E Safety Workshops to insure that they are aware of how to keep their child safe on line. St Jude’s has worked closely with organisations such as Just Enough UK and the NSPCC to ensure children receive further guidance on keeping safe. Reports of Several Times on Purpose Bullying are monitored carefully and are extremely rare in our school.

2015 13% 35% 9% 0 43%
2016 19% 41% 0 0 40%


Agree Disagree Strongly


Don’t know
9. My child is confident that should he/she have a problem there is someone who will listen to him/her.

A focus for us this year, we consistently encourage children to talk to a grown up if they are worried.  Miss Alexandru our Learning Mentor and School Counselor has had significant impact in this area, as well as support staff and class teachers.  Our collaborative work with the NSPCC this year has reinforced this message.

2015 26% 56% 9% 0 9%
2016 39% 48% 6% 0 7%
10.  I find staff approachable and accessible.

Parents have shared lots of positive comments about teachers and SLT being visible and on hand – this is appreciated by parents.

2015 44% 48% 8% 0 0
2016 51% 43% 6% 0 0
11. Staff respond to questions/concerns regarding my child.

Relationships with classteachers and support staff is clearly a strength.

2015 39% 59% 2% 0 0
2016 57% 39% 4% 0 0


Agree Disagree Strongly


Don’t know
12.  The school provides a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.

20% don’t know – These did include Reception parents. These clubs have continued to flourish this year with the addition of a Spanish Club, Baking Club and Health and Fitness Club.  After school provision will be offered to Reception children from September as part of The KG Doodles 6 O’clock Club.

2015 16% 49% 27% 6% 2%
2016 28% 43% 9% 0 20%
13.  The school is led and managed well.

A significant increase between the 2 years – with 89% in the agree/strongly agree category, now that we have an established Senior Leadership Team we look forward to an increased percentage again this year.

2015 31% 51% 6% 0 12%
2016 41% 48% 4% 2% 5%
14.  The school website is a valuable source of information about the school.

A low result last year made this area a priority – new pages, information and updates are uploaded regularly.  This is supported by our web designer and photographer who visit school for updated information and to take photographs.

Ms. Richmond – Taylor uploads the newsletter and important information weekly.

Parents requested that homework was uploaded – which we started this year.  The News and Events pages continue to grow and reflect the creative curriculum, themed weeks and workshop information for parents.

Next year we plan to launch a Twitter feed and Facebook Page.

2015 8% 48% 6% 4% 34%
2016 22% 57% 4% 0 17%
15. The school newsletters give me regular information I need about the school.

Newsletters have gone from strength to strength. A celebration of the weekly events as well as key dates and information has been appreciated by parents. This is now emailed out to save on paper and colour ink.

2015 36% 58% 3% 3% 0
2016 54% 44% 0 2% 0
16.  The school offers an exciting creative, enriched curriculum.

This increase from 2015 – 2016 reflects the excellent creative curriculum, topic work, trips, and enrichment activities that we have worked hard to plan and implement.

2015 19% 57% 10% 0 14%
2016 33% 61% 4% 2% 0


Agree Disagree Strongly


Don’t know
17.  The school encourages me to play an active part in school life.

Increased participation has been encouraged through trips, focus weeks, crafternoons and the development of a parent talent bank have contributed to this increase. PTA go from strength to strength – a great inclusive team that work effectively and enthusiastically to support the school’s fundraising needs. We utilise our parents’ skills and talents for school performances, health and fitness week and in the design of our school logo.

2015 27% 59% 6% 2% 6%
2016 52% 42% 2% 0 4%
18.  The school is inclusive to all children including those with special educational needs.

A significant increase – however, many parents don’t know, this maybe because we have a relatively small number of children with special educational needs in our school.  More information shared on our inclusive approach across the school maybe helpful to ensure an increase in results here.

2015 14% 25% 0 6% 55%
2016 33% 29% 0 2% 36%


Agree Disagree Strongly


Don’t know
19. Overall I am happy with my child’s experience at this school. 2015 39% 47% 0 2% 12%
2016 61% 37% 0 2% 0
20. My child is taught well at this school. 2015 47% 45% 3% 5% 0
2016 60% 33% 7% 0 0
21. I would recommend St Jude’s to others. 2015 49% 49% 2% 0 0
2016 48% 42% 6% 2% 2%
22. My child is well looked after at this school. 2015 54% 39% 2% 4% 1%
2016 58% 36% 2% 0 4%


Some parents shared feedback at the bottom of the forms, here are some of the issues raised, and what we have done as a school to address them:

Improved communication, including more notice to be given for meetings and events.


Key dates for the autumn term provided in the summer term.

The weekly newsletter shares dates at least a month in advance.

We deliver meetings and workshops at later times to fit in with working parents.

Requests for teaching Modern Foreign Languages.


MFL is delivered across the school using the talents of our teachers. All our classteachers speak a foreign language (French, Turkish, Spanish, German or Italian)

Miss Alexandru continues her Spanish support for parents when translation is required.
Spanish launched by Miss Cookson in Spring Term 2017 all classes timetabled for a weekly session of Spanish.

There was a request to increase school concerts / noncompetitive singing / performances.


Children were involved in The Lambeth Music Festival this year.

Singing performances during Christmas and Easter remain high profile.

Weekly after school choir led by Miss Tomaskova.

Weekly Steel Pan Clubs led by Mr. Campbell and Mr. Green.

Miss Tomaskova took recorder club to Dulwich Hamlet to perform.

There were requests for further utilising and developing our community links – especially during Black History Month.


Year 6 parents were invited to share their ideas and expertise throughout Black History Month.
Black History activities were focused around local black heroes.

Workshops to support parents with homework are popular, they have been well attended and received. Year 6 parents requested the secondary transfer meetings earlier.


We held earlier meetings for secondary school transfer including year 5 and year 6 parents, shared additional communication on the new testing arrangements and shared 11 + test materials to support for entrance tests.

Miss Booth organised a Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation Workshop for parents, as well as year 1 phonics workshop for parents.

Mrs. Thomas held her annual meeting for Year 2 parents on the testing arrangements for Key Stage 1 tests.

Mr. Winn organised a maths bar model workshop, led by classteachers in Summer 2017.