Peer Mediators


We have launched a very successful Peer Mediation initiative at St Jude’s. Peer Mediation is where pupils help the children in their school to sort out their problems peacefully.

They help by allowing the pupils to talk to each other while sticking to some rules and hearing how the problem has affected each other.

The mediators do not tell the children with the problem what to do but do help them to talk to each other peacefully.

No adults are involved in the mediation, although some adults will help the peer mediators to run the service. We are very lucky at St Jude’s to have two trained up members of staff, Miss Heron and Miss Alexandru who help to run the Peer Mediator service. They support the children and organise the Peer Mediator timetable.

There is a special application process and children are interviewed for their Peer Mediator role. Our Peer Mediators work extremely hard on a rota throughout lunchtimes and playtimes to make sure problems are resolved calmly and carefully.

Each year will invite new children in Key Stage 2 to apply for the role so that we have continued capacity to improve our Peer Mediation Service.