Meet The Staff

Our Leadership Team

Alex New


David Winn

Deputy Headteacher

Our Class Teachers

Miss Neelum Khan

Reception Class

Madeleine Appleby

Year One

Jessica Light

Year two

Edward Sharp

Year Three

Jonathan Ellis

Year Four

Cressida Booth

Year Five

Claire Douch

Year Six

Support Teachers

Natalie Jones


Alex Cutts

Interventions & PPA Cover

P.E. Lead

Anthony Campbell

Steel Pans

Support Staff

Sorina Nociar

Learning Mentor

Ed Miles

ICT Technician

Teaching Assistants

Marsha Duke

TA – Reception Class

Valerie Lambert

TA – Reception Class

Sophie Haydon

TA – Year One

Alison Kye-Baffour

TA – Year Two

Eglantine Umuhoza

TA – Year Three

Isma Green

TA – Year Four

Brett Green

TA – Year Five

Siobhan Heron

HLTA – Year Six

Admin Staff

Susan Henderson

Principal Finance & Administrative Officer

Bernise Richmond-Taylor

Administrative Assistant

Premises Staff

Larry Gunessee

Premises Officer

Andrew Johnson

Premises Staff

Meryem Tahir

Premises Staff

Evette Johnson

Premises Staff

Pilar Odiaga Roca

Premises Staff

Our Designated Leaders in Child Protection are:

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our children.
If you are concerned in anyway about the welfare of a child please speak with one of the designated Child
Protection Leaders, a senior team leader or a member of staff.
Thank you for supporting us in keeping our children safe.

Alex New


Natalie Jones


Sorina Nociar

Learning Mentor

David Winn

Deputy Headteacher

TEACHING STAFF Curriculum Responsibility

Deputy Headteacher

Miss Alex New               

Mr David Winn

Child Protection Designated Lead

Lead on teaching & learning, behaviour & Computing


Class 1

Miss Neelum Khan

Miss Madeleine Appleby

Art & DT Leader


Class 2 Miss Jessica Light Science & Natural Thinkers Leader

(Maternity Cover)

Class 3 Mr Edward Sharp SLT, RE Collective Worship & SMSC Lead Mentor for Students
Class 4 Mr Jonathan Ellis NQT
Class 5 Miss Cressida Booth                               SLT, Literacy Leader, MFL
Class 6 Miss Claire Douch SLT, Maths Mastery Specialist and Educational Visits Leader
Support Teachers
0.4 Ms Natalie Jones SENDCO
0.6 Music
0.1 Mr Anthony Campbell Steel pans
1.0 Mr Alex Cutts Interventions & PPA Cover, P.E. Lead
Mrs Sorina Nociar (0.4)

Mr Ed Miles

Learning Mentor

ICT Technician

Behaviour support/Attendance
Admin Staff
Mrs Susan Henderson Principal Finance & Administrative Officer
Mrs Bernise Richmond-Taylor Administrative Assistant
Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Ms Siobhan Heron – Year 5 HLTA Class Support & PMs Year 3 & 4,
Teaching Assistants Responsibility Premises Staff

Mr Larry Gunessee       Premises Officer

Mr Andrew Johnson      Cleaning Staff

Mrs Meryem Tahir        Cleaning Staff

Mrs Evette Johnson      Cleaning Staff

Meals Supervisors

Mrs Evette Johnson

Ms Maria Del Pilar Odiaga Roca 

Mr Patricio Sanchez

Ms Valerie Lambert – Reception (2days)

Ms Marsha Duke – Reception

SALT Support
Miss Sophie Haydon – Year 1 KS1 Small group/SALT Interventions
Ms Alison Kye-Baffour – Year 2

Ms Eglantine Umuhoza – Year 3

Ms Isma Green – Year 4

Mr Brett Green – Year 5

Ms Siobhan Heron – Year 6

Class Support

AMs: EHCP Support

AMs: EHCP Support

AMs: EHCP Support, Music Leader

HLTA Class Support & PMs Year 3 & 4