Our History


Our school was named after St Jude Thaddeus, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. Apostle, from the Greek apostello, means to send forth.

The name was given to the twelve apostles who were sent forth to spread the word of God.

Jude, brother of James and cousin of Christ, only spoke once in the gospels and is therefore not as well known as others but was permanently committed to the Lord Jesus Christ.
Until the year 1834, St Jude’s C.E. Primary School was on Railton Road, Known as St Paul’s, next to the old church.

St Jude’s was re-built on its current site Regent Road because the old primary school on Railton Road was over subscribed.

In 1914 Many children left the school at the age of 12 and 14 to go out to work due to the war.

One girl sadly died. The very first headmaster was, Mr Elliot and the schools premises officer was Mr Briston. Mr O’Neill is our premises officer now and his house is a part of St Jude’s.
In 1992 members of St Jude’s went to visit Princess Diana at the Railton Road Methodist Church where the Princess greeted Ms Wilson, our headteacher at the time.

Many changes have taken place over the years at St Jude’s, including the wearing of school uniform. Our school is now also very fortunate to have a a nature garden, a music room and fencing all the way around the school.

St Jude’s has come a long way and is being taken to new heights by our current headteacher and staff, who continue to help us excel in all areas.