Creative Arts

St Jude’s is highly committed to the provision of excellent creative arts experiences, this is demonstrated through the carefully planned creative curriculum. At St Jude’s the creative arts curriculum includes: Art, Design and Technology, Food Technology, Music, Dance and Drama.

In 2014 St Jude’s was awarded the Gold Arts Mark Award, we are now working towards the Platinum Arts Mark Award which we aim to achieve in 2019.

The creative arts opportunities evolve through a range of planned lessons and activities linked with the half termly topics.  Our broad, balanced and rich curriculum is carefully planned so that clear hooks for learning across the curriculum remain relevant for our children. Feeling a sense of pride and belonging to St Jude’s is an imperative part of our Christian School Culture and Ethos, the creative arts offers a clear vehicle to achieve this; termly Family Learning Projects, dance and drama performed at Easter and Christmas celebrations at St Matthew’s Church and Herne Hill Baptist are enjoyed by our school community.

We believe these opportunities embed a lifelong love for the creative arts. Our school environment reflects a range of creative opportunities through outstanding displays in the reception areas, classrooms and hall, which reflect our School Christian Values and the British Values.

Creative Learning Hub

The school has recently completed an exciting building project which will be pivotal in continuing our provision for the creative arts.

The newly refurbished purpose built art, food tech and music block provides an outstanding learning environment to teach weekly music, dance and art lessons. It also features a fully resourced food technology space. As part of the formal opening of this new space, school council led A Bake Off with a Healthy Twist Competition.

Art and Design and Technology

Children take part in weekly art/DT lessons in our purpose built art room.

The study of art makes a unique contribution to the creative development of all children by providing an accessible form of expression and communication, and by helping to enrich pupils’ self-esteem and imagination. We encourage the natural abilities and talents of our children by providing many opportunities for them to experiment with a wide range of techniques and materials. These include painting, drawing, printing, and clay, papier maché, sewing and weaving.

As a school we have been involved in some very exciting local art projects over the years with the most recent being a Guinness Book of Records World Record attempt. Children from Years 1-6 were involved in creating the mural at Herne Hill underpass. Children worked with professional artist Victor Szepessy to colour a specific square on the mural.

In summer 2018, the children were involved in the art project ‘Summer of Sport’. They had the opportunity to take photos of sport in action and paint in the style of a sporting artist. This was then displayed in a whole school art exhibition.


Children take part in weekly music lessons and singing assemblies.  Music lessons involve children using a range of percussion instruments including shakers, drums, glockenspiels and xylophones. Year 5 and 6 children take part in weekly steel pan lessons.

We take part in the Lambeth Music Festival at The Royal Festival Hall every year.

Dance and Drama

Dance and drama activities are predominantly covered through our PE provision, where children will follow a dance unit 2 – 3 times a year. Where possible, these link to the whole class topics.

Click the link for the PE overview 2018 – 2019  

Drama is also incorporated into our literacy lessons, where drama activities are used to support the children’s understanding of characters and settings.  These drama activities will often be part of our planned preparation before a piece of writing.  For example, children in reception will act out their favourite superhero stories before writing about them, and year 4 children will be found acting out the stories about Pharaohs as part of the topic – “There’s a Pharaoh in our bath topic!”

Our termly class assemblies are an opportunity for children to share their work, as well as perform role plays, dance and sing.  Our annual year 6 end of year performance is always a spectacular and impressive celebration.  This year the children performed their own version of Alice in Wonderland.

During the summer term, as part of our collaborative work with the Windmill Cluster, children have the opportunity to perform poetry to their class and to other schools as part of our successful poetry slam competition.

Through our close links with St Martin – in – the Fields School for Girls we have successfully utilised the expertise of drama specialists, who lead workshops for primary pupils. These have included a half term Shakespeare unit for year 6, theatrical special effects and lighting design.

Food Technology

The Creative Learning Hub has a fully fitted kitchen with space to teach food technology to groups of children. Children have the opportunity to prepare ingredients, learn new recipes and enjoy tasting what they have made!
We have three hens who lay lots of eggs – and we sometimes use these in our food technology lessons!

Food technology is planned by being linked into the half termly topics where appropriate. We also use the room to prepare delicious and healthy dishes during our health and fitness weeks.

Family Learning Projects and Enrichment Activities

Termly Family Learning Projects are a welcome opportunity for families to work together to produce a creative piece collaboratively. Themes have included the design of our new school logo, Black History and Folklore and What is Worship?

Children produce art work, stories, powerpoints and sculptures. Their work is exhibited termly as part of our parents evening meetings.

We also organise a range of workshops and educational visits, these include:

  • Visits to further explore technology within the arts – Digital Leader Visit to the Tate to explore art Aps
  • Annual pantomime performances
  • Regular On line safety awareness performances
  • Children perform termly assemblies showcasing work, annual nativity performances, Year 6 end of year productions,
  • Chance to Dance and Lambeth Music Festival
  • Annual art gallery visits : The National Gallery and Pop Brixton Art Exhibitions

Themed days and focus weeks

Special weeks and days are a wonderful opportunity for children and staff to be immersed in a theme.  These have included a world book day parade, class storytelling and class book swaps. Multi Faith Week led to a baking extravaganza and celebration of different dishes from a range of faiths.

After school provision and clubs

Our extended after school provision is dedicated to offering further creative opportunities to children, these include ukulele club, creative arts club, sewing club, street dance and gymnastics.  KG Doodles Breakfast Club and our daily Six O’clock Club also offer art, crafts and drama opportunities.

Please see our after schools club booklet and KG Doodles page for further details

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