Creative Arts



At St Jude’s School, we value the Creative Arts of art – music, dance and drama.

We recognise that the arts can enhance personal growth and overall attitude to learning.

Therefore, in order to enrich the experiences of our pupils we foster links with arts establishments and individuals in the local and wider community.

In 2015 St. Jude’s was awarded ARTS MARK Gold for helping children to unlock their potential and develop character and talent, as well as increasing children’s knowledge and understanding of Art.


Music at St Jude’s has a high profile and is taught by a specialist music teacher.

Every child receives weekly music lessons following the National Curriculum, which includes singing, composition and listening to a range of music.

Children in key stage 2 are given the opportunity to learn and play an instrument – these are steel pans in Years 5 and 6.

Children are given a range of opportunities to perform in front of an audience. Each class organises a class assembly twice a year, where they share their achievements through drama and singing. Also, as a school we take part in a range of festivals organised by the school and our local area.

We take part in The Lambeth Music Festival and children play steel pans during our Summer Fair.

Art and Design and Technology

The study of art makes a unique contribution to the creative development of all children by providing an accessible form of expression and communication, and by helping to enrich pupils’ self-esteem, sensitivity and imagination.

We encourage the natural abilities and talents of our children by providing many opportunities for them to experiment with a wide range of techniques and materials.

These include painting, drawing, woodwork, printing, clay, papier maché, sewing and weaving.

Children are also encouraged to study and appreciate the work of famous artists and create their own artwork in the style of these artists an example of this is a guest Artist named David Napp. David Napp specialises in art involving oil pastels, the children will have the opportunity to look over some of his original pieces and have their own take on his particular style of art.

The high quality teaching and learning of Art is supported by events that take place at St. Jude’s.

Over the last two years St Jude’s have taken part in some extremely exciting Art Projects.  In 2015 the school community worked together to produce a wonderful exhibition based on the theme ‘Maths through Art’.

In Spring and Summer 2016 the children from St. Jude’s worked with an artist, Andrew Dwyer, to transform the fencing around the junior’s playground.

The Rio Olympics were celebrated through making Brazilian masks with the help from our parents during our crafternoons.


In October 2016 we helped to brighten up the Brockwell Passage in Herne Hill and had another fantastic opportunity to work alongside another professional artist, Victor Szepessy. This fantastic display of art that is still displayed and enjoyed by the local community.

The children created their own stencils and used them to decorate the walls of the passage, using spray paint and clean graffiti.

Through a variety of creative and practical activities, pupils are taught the knowledge, understanding and skills to engage a process of designing and making.

Food Technology

We are also very excited to begin using our newly fitted Food Technology room providing each year group the opportunity to use the new cooking facilities.

During Science topics and Healthy Weeks children learn about nutritious diet by preparing and cooking a variety of savoury dishes using a range of cooking techniques – bread, smoothies, salad making.

The Food Technology room is also a wonderful space to host our new Six O’clock Club, where children can enjoy a healthy tea at 4.30pm.


At St. Jude’s we are aiming to provide the children with creative curriculum using a range of activities.

Children use dance across the curriculum to deepen their understanding of fictional stories, historical events or even character’s feelings.

We also use dance during Physical Education sessions, as a form of drama. Children use rhythm and music to retell various stories and perform dances using simple movement patterns.

Also, the After School Clubs give children the opportunity to work alongside professional actors to learn acting skills and perform in front of an audience.



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