Black History Month – Family Learning Challenge – Autumn 2017

Myths, Legends and Folklore

This term’s family learning project is planned to tie in with Black History Month and the work that has been done in English lessons. It will allow children to explore African and Caribbean folklore.

Children are invited to be creative and to interpret this theme as they wish. We have given a few examples but we are looking for original ideas too!

To celebrate the children’s efforts and achievements, class teachers will choose a project that really stands out.

The winning project will win a special prize.


Can you write your own story based on one you have read?
Can you write a book review of a story you have read?
Can you write a character description of a character in a myth?


Where do the stories come from? Can you find out about their origin and the people who first told these stories?
Can you find out about the countries that these stories come from?


Can you create a theme for a story or a character within a story?
Can you put a story to music?


Can you create a character through sculpture, painting, collage or another artistic method?


Create a comic strip at or create a film based on the story you have chosen.

Religious Education

Jesus used parables to teach people how to live like a Christian. Can you find any that have a similar lesson to a myth or legend you have read?

Design Technology

Can you make masks so your chosen story can be acted out?
Can you create a set design for your story to be performed in front of?

All projects should be returned by Wednesday 15th November to be displayed at Parents’ Evenings (20th & 21st November)

Place Value and Bar Modelling Workshop – Monday 19th June

Dear Parents and Carers,

St Jude’s held a Maths Parents Workshop on Monday 19th June aimed at introducing and sharing a range of strategies to support our children and families at home. Our teachers took parents on a ‘place value journey’ from 1:1 correspondence in Reception right through to Ratio and Proportion in Year 6.

We introduced a highly effective visual model called the ‘Singapore Bar’ which enables our children from Year 2 upwards to solve word problems, find percentages and calculate ratio (to name but a few!)

100% of our parents that attended the workshop found it to be enjoyable and useful, and all agreed that the methods and strategies introduced during the workshop would enable them to better support their children at home.

Please follow the links below to see the workshop presentation, challenges set by our teachers for parents to tackle, and a list of resources that can be bought to further support your children at home.

Kind regards,

Mr Winn



Invitation Letter for Parents

Parent Workshop Presentation

Resources to support your child at home

Teacher Presentation and Challenges


Multi Faith Week 22nd May – 26th May 2017

Places Of Worship

What a fantastic week we have had, where the children have had the opportunity to explore, discuss and visit different places of worship.


Throughout the week different classes went and visited a place of worship, which included a Mosque, Synagogue and a Buddhist Temple.

We have also had different members of staff, sharing where they worship and discussing their beliefs with the children.

In the afternoons, the children have recreated different world religions artwork and thought about what their ideal place of worship would be.

The week ended with our place of worship carousel. Every classroom was transformed into a different place of worship. The children participated in different religious activities and had an amazing time.

Buddhist Temple (Year 2)


Roman Catholic Church (Reception)

Synagogue (Year 5)

Mosque (Year 4)

“I really enjoyed making the flowers in Class 2’s Buddhist temple.” Nina (Year 6)

“I really enjoyed going to the Buddhist temple in Wimbledon because we got to see all the paintings and artwork inside the temple.”  Ena (Year 1)

“I really enjoyed the Buddhist temple because we were able to reflect in the peace and quiet.”  Josiah (Year 1)

Phonics Screening Check – Thursday 15th June 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you will know, our Year One children will be undertaking a Phonics Screening Check on Thursday 15th June. We held an information session for parents on 25th May and shared the following key points:

  • This check is light touch and not stressful for our children
  • It is designed to help us check our children’s ability to decode and read unfamiliar words accurately
  • The children have been learning this approach since they began in Reception and are well prepared
  • The results of the Check will be shared with parents in the end of year reports in July
  • The threshold (pass mark) is not given to us until after the Check has been carried out. It has been 32 out of 40 since the Check began in 2012
  • If a child does not meet the threshold we will support them throughout Year 2 in readiness for their re-take in June 2018

You will find all the documents from our information session here (please attach the attached files from this e-mail)
Please click the following links for useful websites and activities to support your child further at home:

Government guidance, materials and training video:

Phonics Play (great website we use regularly at St Jude’s):

Download the Parents letter here:   Year 1 Letter – Phonics Screening Check and Workshop

Read the Parent Presentation PDF here:  Parent Presentation

Read the Guide For Parents PDF here:  A Guide For Parents

Health and Fitness Week – 12th – 16th June 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

Our annual Health & Fitness Week kicks off on Monday 12th June.  The aims of the week are:

  • to raise awareness of healthy eating;
  • to increase participation in exercise and sporting activities; and
  • to encourage good personal hygiene.

During this week, the children will be taking part in a variety of sporting activities (multi-skills, yoga, dance, kickboxing, buddy’s big workout and sports day) as well as cooking and sessions on healthy lifestyle.

They will need to wear their school PE kit all week instead of their usual uniform.   As usual each day will start off at 8.40am with a short ‘Wake and Shake Session (Zumba)’ in the hall for children, staff and parents/carers (except for Wednesday).

We are having our school sports day on Wednesday 14th June at Brockwell Park from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

It will be the same format as last year.  Children from Reception to Year 2 will take part in 5 events (javelin throw; hurdles; bean bag throw; dress up relay and egg and spoon relay. KS2 children took part in 6 events – sack race relay; Standing Long Jump; tunnel ball; football dribble and pass relay; javelin throw and Ladder relay.

All the events will be taking place at the same time.

There will also be Sprint races (Reception – Year 6, parents and staff) and baton relay race (Year 3- year 6) after the carousel events.

All support is welcomed whether it is parents, carers, grandparents, aunts or uncles.

I am delighted to say that our school has chosen to support the valuable work of the NSPCC this term by taking part in a fundraising event, and I would really value your support and encouragement.

Each class will be taking part in various physical activities (buddy’s big workout), which will not only be exciting for our pupils but will also mean they’re raising money for the NSPCC’s vital work and helping keep even more children safe.

We are very much looking forward to the week. It promises to be a great week!

Here are some very useful websites for you to explore at home with your children:

Safer Internet Day: 7th February 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are taking part in E-Safety Week this term between Monday 6th – Friday 10th February. E-Safety Week helps our school shine a light on the range of strategies we can use to keep ourselves safe online. Our Digital Leaders have put together, with the help from the CLC, two fantastic E-Safety Awareness videos which you can see below.


The theme this year is ‘Be the change: unite for a better internet​’. It is organised by the UK Safer Internet Centre and To explore the power and influence of images in young people’s digital lives the UK Safer Internet Centre has delivered a range of activities including:

· Schools across the UK are using the Education Packs and SID TV films to empower young people to use images and videos safely and positively.
· Young people across the UK have been taking part in a youth photo campaign to create engaging photos to explore the power and influence of images in their lives, with images being exhibited at youth events across the UK today and in an online gallery.
· People across the UK have been joining the #giveasmile social media campaign to use the power of emojis and selfies to help make the internet a more positive place.

At St Jude’s, we will be focusing on how to use images and videos safely and positively. Our strategy is to ‘Look outside the frame..’ where we don’t make assumptions on what we think we see. Instead, we will focus on engaging in dialogue before jumping to conclusions.

For Tips and Advice for Parents and Carers please refer to:

Cool To Be Kind – Anti Bullying Week: 14 – 18 November 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are taking part in Anti-Bullying Week this term between Monday 14th – Friday 18th November. Anti-Bullying Week helps our school to shine a spotlight on bullying. We at St Jude’s are very proud of the fact that bullying does not exist within our community but are wholeheartedly behind the national drive to raise awareness of bullying and the harm it potentially causes its victims.

Power_for_good_logoThe theme this year is ‘Power for Good’. It is organised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance and they have set the following key aims:

To support children and young people to use their Power for Good – by understanding the ways in which they are powerful and encouraging individual and collective action to stop bullying and create the best world possible.

To help parents and carers to use their Power for Good – through supporting children with issues relating to bullying and working together with schools to stop bullying.

To encourage school staff to use their Power for Good – by valuing the difference they can make in a child’s life, and taking individual and collective action to prevent bullying and create safe environments where children can thrive.

Dress Up Day on Friday 18th November

anti-bullyingChildren and staff at St Jude’s will be dressing up for Anti-Bullying Week in the following ways:

Wear blue and show your support for anti bullying on 18 November 2016

The Anti-Bullying Alliance are launching their wear blue campaign and asking schools, organisations and individuals to wear blue on Friday 18 November 2016 and donate to Bullying UK.

This can be anything from blue jeans, blue top or you could wear something really out there and stand out for bullying…

Contribution: 50p to go towards the amazing work that the charity ‘Bullying UK’ does.

…or you can dress up as a superhero to show your ‘Power for Good’.
All superheroes are welcome but please refrain from arriving with your normal weapons, this is a peaceful event!

Contribution: 50p for the Anti-Bullying Alliance
Please click on the link below to view the newsletter about Anti-Bullying Week:

Click here for Letter to Parents

Please click on the link below to view ‘Top Tips for Parents and Children’:

Click here for Tips for Parents

Here are some very useful websites for you to explore at home with your children:

The Anti-Bullying Alliance – great advice and activities for families:

Bullying UK (Family Lives) – specialists in support and guidance for parents:

End Bullying Org. – updates on global developments and free resources to download and use:

CBBC – interactive games and video clips to stimulate discussion for your children:

Black History Month: October 2016

Black History Month is almost upon us! October is an important month in our school as it is a time when we celebrate the achievements of black figures in our local community and further afield.

Our school lunch team will kick start this exciting time on Monday 3rd October with the launch of their Black History Month menu. The children will get the opportunity to sample some delightful dishes, which have been inspired by black cultures and traditions worldwide!

Following on from this, we welcome Freshwater Theatre Company to our school next Tuesday 4th October. Freshwater Theatre is a well-established theatre-in-education company that delivers a range of exciting and engaging learning experiences through drama.

The visit will include a combination of storytelling and interactive drama to explore and witness the actions of people from black history. In Key Stage 1, the children will meet motivational figures such as Walter Tull, who was a famous footballer and also fought in WW1, and Baroness Scotland, a British barrister and jurist. In Key Stage 2, the excitement will continue with the addition of Elijah J McCoy, a Canadian inventor/engineer (where the phrase ‘the real McCoy’ comes from!), and Dr Mo Ibrahim, who introduced mobile phone network to Africa. Both shows will ensure that the children all get the chance to learn from a range of well-known (and not so well-known!) role models. Teachers will be following up on the performance in class with some special activities to celebrate Black History Month.

The cost of the production is at £2 per child or £1 for those children registered as Pupil Premium. Please enclose this amount in a clearly labelled, sealed envelope with your child’s name, class and the name of the event. This must be handed to your child’s class teacher by Friday 30th September.

Finally, this term four theme for our Family Learning Project  will be ‘celebrating  successful black role models in our families and communities’  –  Click on the link below for more information.

There will be an opportunity for parents to come and explore the Black History Month projects at an exhibition on Tuesday 22nd November and Wednesday 23rd November. Come and learn about the local black heroes and role models that the children have chosen to research!

Family Learning Project – Black History Month 2016

Kind regards,

Miss Douch
Humanities coordinator

Art Week: 3rd July – 7th July 2017

It’s Science Week! 13th – 17th March 2017